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Character Study: Jacob Portman

Jacob Portman is the main protagonist of 'Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children' series. He grew up hearing stories of fantastical children from his grandfather, Abe. These bedtime stories begin to manifest to reality when Jacob witnesses a mysterious creature at the site of Abe's death. On his 16th birthday, Jacob receives one of Abe's books as a gift and finds a letter from Alma LeFay Peregrine dating back to 1997. One by one, the clues fall into place and lead Jacob to Cairnholm Is, Cymru, UK, where the letter is from. 


The following is the letter and various things that Jacob has collected in his pocket during his 36-hour journey from suburban Florida to the mysterious Cymru Island. 


Addressed to Abe Portman in 1997, this letter from Miss Peregrine writes of how the children, especially Eve, misses him and asks for a photo. Jacob finds the letter in Abe's book and goes to Cymru Island.


Jake and his father goes through "three airplanes, two layovers, shift-napping in grubby train stations" before they even get on the ferry ride to the Island. 

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