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Character Study: Alanna of Trebond

Alanna of Trebond is the main protagonist of 'The Song of the Lioness' series. She is a noble girl who refuses to conform and instead switches places with her twin brother. She disguises herself as a boy and goes to the palace to pursue her desire to be a knight. She becomes a squire in 'In the Hands of the Goddess' and is given more responsibilities and faces more dangers that threaten her disguise.

The following are a part of Alanna's daily responsibilities, delivering historical scrolls for her teacher and a love letter for her knight-master, Jonathan IV of Conté.


At the beginning of "In the Hands of the Goddess", Alanna is found delivering a 300-year-old scroll for her teacher, Sir Myles.


As her knight-master woos a new lady in waiting, Lady Delia of Eldorne, Alanna is tasked with secretly delivering love letters.

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